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The Roadshow

Think it’s too far to travel to a museum? Let the museum come to you! The Citadelle RoadShow brings art to your classroom. Our RoadShow curriculum is customized to each individual teacher’s education plan and can be developed to coincide with any grade level. We infuse art into all subjects of classroom learning like history, math, science, astronomy, and bi-lingual art studies. You can also choose from a wide variety of pre-developed curriculum enhancements as well. By inspiring kids with art our program children become more engaged in a wider variety of subjects.

The mission of the Citadelle RoadShow is to bring the joy of art to local school children. More and more schools are being forced to cut art programs leaving kids with little to no exposure to the arts. Our RoadShow blossomed out of our passion for art and a genuine enthusiasm to share it with kids all across the Texas Panhandle. 

The Citadelle RoadShow serves 26 Texas Panhandle counties in 27 different school districts. To date we have shared art with over 3,800 students across the Panhandle providing 2,300 hours of education. We have traveled almost 6,000 miles in order to bring quality art education to classrooms across the Panhandle.

By bringing art into the classroom we hope to spark creativity and jump start young imaginations. The Citadelle RoadShow takes our passion and love for art and brings it into the classroom. We provide hands-on art activities while teaching kids about artistic styles, concepts, vocabulary, and cultural studies. We strive to bring art history to life!

The Citadelle RoadShow helps kids boost their creative thinking and problem solving skills as they learn more about geography, drama, math, music, and poetry.

The Citadelle RoadShow program is free of charge to Region 16 schools. If you are interested in bringing art into your classroom please contact our education team to schedule a Citadelle RoadShow visit!

Schools We've Visited:




Canadian Middle School

Canadian Baker Elementary

Canadian High School

Bushland Elementary






Amarillo Bivins Elementary

Amarillo Forest Hill Elementary

Amarillo Lawndale Elementary


Highland Park Elementary


Boys Ranch

Hadley Elementary