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Educational Programming


The Citadelle Art Foundation offers educational tours at no charge for schools and teachers. The tour may be customized in order to fit curriculum studies and an art activity can even be developed to coincide with the tour!

A tour of the Mansion, Gallery, and an art activity takes approximately 2 hours. 

Transportations cost may be reimbursed if qualified.

The goal of our museum education efforts has always been to help foster a legacy of growing our children into eager learners and productive community leaders.

Early artistic influences can help promote children’s social, cognitive, and emotional development. Art can even help children hone their fine motor skills.

Our educational plans highlight the following areas:

  • Music and theatre
  • World geography   
  • Cultural and social issues
  • American immigration and history
  • Literature and writing development
  • Creative thinking
  • Art history and study

If you are interested in a tour please contact our education team so we can develop a program that best suits your educational needs. It will be the best educational experience of the year!